the workshop program

What could have happened if I had the opportunity of learning a process since I was a child? A process that you can use every time you need to create something?  This is why I want to talk about active learning, because I’m not only an artist, I’m the founder of futureyoungtalent.com.  Art education is a topic that I feel very close to me, in particular with young students around age eighteen. Future young talent is a workshop program with an attention to design, self portrait and abstraction.

This project tries to give youngsters notions to understand, with a critic focus, art and design but also “a method to design”. I notice how hard it is to bring young people out of the school thinking and learning method,  into something more abstract or surreal.  Being able to design abstraction through a process is completely different from drawing lines casually.

One of the key parts of my workshop is to give “abstract thoughts” to kids which are used to learn how to write on the line and to stay inside the stripes. They can’t create something if they are not able to break the lines,  to imagine how to go into an abstract world.