Italy, 2022,  sculpture.

“Pointing with your finger is the only certitude”

I used a stamp of irregular form, dripping into it a mix of cement and glue. This technique was used often by Carlo Scarpa. After when it solidifies the mix expels fumes (as if it was alive, breathing) and it takes a quasi human temperature. I grazed them. I massaged it with pigments and glue (as makeup). I covered the cement with the stockings, to achieve different colours, transparencies it feels like touching a body. I finished by letting the weight of the solid to create a violent strapping of the stocking, this created a cartilage effect.

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︎ Photos by Mattia Balsamini

The twisting and folding of the neck’s skin is caused by the movement of the head. An elemental movement I try to catch from a study on gestures. The rock-shaped pieces spring from a re-elaboration of a family heirloom made of mining memorabilia, put together by my father in Germany during the 1970s (Miners sculptures in coal). The Gesture Series is the outcome of a long research on gesture fluidity, ranging from music to mathematical gesture theory. This performative gesture, that connects body and cognition, working as an invisible arrow.

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