(100 X 150 print on Velvet, 1 Ed 2021)

From “the fall” by Albert Camus ,and some shoot by a short live video performance, made by women doing home care in sexy mise. The photos arrives from some error scenes, or wrong happenings during the video. the artworks were born by a mix of this crush. Camus write about the perfect life of a succesfull Man with a perfect carreer. He talks about women as a result of his facsinated body, he feels attractive and he want to be free but at the same time full of women. they are his desire objects, like a free pleasure guided by a promise. “ DONT LOVE ME! JUST BE FAITHFULL! (so I can leave you one day..) from a high career one day the fall, but the fall goes also through women’s life that fall every day in this kind of decision to be used, tometimes with a clear intension as he say. everyhing function from a good administration process.The fall, a kind of error inside the photos, inside the video that produced the shoots but also inside their life.