RIPOSTE curated by Riccardo Rizzetto and J. Eden

January 2020 London 

Matete Martini explores the moments of the self through the analysis of the human body, conceived as a generator of movements in the contemporary scenario. Her canvases are the result of an abstraction which starts from a deep  photography and video based research, picking subjects from her everyday experience to then extract the moves as a reflection of an inner motion. On doing so, Martini establishes a dialectic between soul and body, moves and feelings, humans and spaces to rise queries regarding how we all do feel in the contemporary world.

GLORY I 140 X 105 Linin fabric, GLORY II 156 X 109 Linin fabric, GLORY III 138 X 110 Linin fabric
unframed and unstretched.

Photos Cassandra, The Glory, London 2019