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Bodily state of noise.

The works is about a real personal story never really told but just listened.

How do you choose your way of living your “ body life”? Is it a kind of collection of demonstrations and layers, a deposition of feeling?

Sometimes everything “is soo clear” since at the beginning and you know how do you feel. Have you ever feel the blood run under the tiny lukewarm skin?


Gestures, the sculptures, “Pointing with your finger is the only certitude”, curated by M. V. Biondo.

“Pointing with your finger is the only certitude”

I used a stamp of irregular form, dripping into it a mix of cement and glue. This technique was used often by Carlo Scarpa. After when it solidifies the mix expels fumes (as if it was alive, breathing) and it takes a quasi human temperature. I grazed them. I massaged it with pigments and glue (as makeup). I covered the cement with the stockings, to achieve different colours, transparencies it feels like touching a body. I finished by letting the weight of the solid to create a violent strapping of the stocking, this created a cartilage effect.


The twisting and folding of the neck’s skin is caused by the movement of the head. An elemental movement I try to catch from a study on gestures. The rock-shaped pieces spring from a re-elaboration of a family heirloom made of mining memorabilia, put together by my father in Germany during the 1970s (Miners sculptures in coal). The Gesture Series is the outcome of a long research on gesture fluidity, ranging from music to mathematical gesture theory. This performative gesture, that connects body and cognition, working as an invisible arrow.