The Fix Serie
Italy, Venice, 2022, glass sculptures.

“The gradual growth of uncertainty expectations. The repetition of the same gestures. A high temperature cancels the thought”

To Fix:

Fasten something, securely in a particular place or position. Decide or settle on a specific price, date course of action. Make arrangements for something; organize, make a dye, photographic image, or drawing permanent.

To fix, fasten (something) securely in a particular place or position. The Fix Series is the outcome of a short research trought the scheme of a thought, thinking on the cure, how I can conserve the result, how I can remember it, how I can protect it, I dont want it change. This performative gesture of bringinh the nail and put it inside the hole, fix the concept, it is a decision, it cover a hole, but also priduce a hole. Is  certain.

Work technical description:

During the sketching of the piece, the color study and the craftsmanship of Maestri vetrai,  a mix of glass with the chosen colours meet fire at 1200 C°.The glass is then shaped with a wooden stick and some wet newspaper for about ten times. It is very risky for the form to collapse when shaping them, in particular when opening holes or when making them oval. The glass expels the high temperatures overnight reaching  80 C°, the final colours are visible just after this phase. “The production of these pieces is a couple of short night attesa.”Everything pass by my hands, I cover the glass with adhesive paperand, as a bandaid, to be dulling,  this create a opaque, leather effect, is also a kind of necessiry of working over the piece, to decide how it will talk to. The nail is cutted. I finish by signing and numbering