Quaranteen 2021,  photography and painting.

“With no Ending, not depending on an exhibition, Incomplete”. Merging autobiographical and fictive elements, the results are strong and balanced compositions that appear self‑reflective. Yet the use of image manipulation, essential in her artistic process, as well as the choice of keeping the human body present, expose her predilection for third party perspectives. As seen in Margarita, 2020, the process of layering becomes more and more complex. One lever of layering is present within the photographic and graphic manipulation process. The other  the human figure, and the growth of complexity of the lines ‑ is drawn directly by the artist on the canvas. This process gives birth to a third dimension inhabited by the digital, the analog and the recorded.
Matete’s visceral fascination with herbs and fungi originates from their shapes and their existence within everyday life situations and memories. It is, in fact, within a context of an intimate dinner that some of these works were conceived.

Matete, urged on by the wish of re‑analysing her relationship with the photographic medium, shares with us a tale made of cavities, explosions, solitude, love scenes and sexual encounters. The subjects of her compositions, herbs and fungi, become the medium of these experiments in photography/photographic experiments.
︎Il Volo Del Jazz 2023





Francesca Martini

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