“Pointing with your finger is the only certitude”. I used a stamp of irregular form, dripping into it a mix of cement and glue. This technique was used often by Carlo Scarpa. After when it solidifies the mix expels fumes (as if it was alive, breathing) and it takes a quasi human temperature. I grazed them. I massaged it with pigments and glue (as makeup). I covered the cement with the stockings, to achieve different colours, transparencies it feels like touching a body. I finished by letting the weight of the solid to create a violent strapping of the stocking, this created a cartilage effect.

︎Photos Mattia Balsamini


Mattia Blasamini / Matete Martini / Giovanni Galofaro, magazine, 2022

“L’amore è il tuo sangue, non altro”, scriveva Pavese.
Per certi aspetti anche le sculture di Matete Martini sono costruite sull’incontro tra materia e spirito. Cemento e tessuti in contrapposizione, sembrano abbracciarsi sotto un unico destino. In un gioco di forze opposte le sculture restano temporalmente senza tempo.
After all, her work is nothing more than anattempt to bring out something that he carriesinside. It is a load, that of Matete, similar to thatof each of us, which often weighs and leaves uscondemned to feel more. Condemnation thatreconciles in her in the faculty of a poetic sensewith which she looks at nature and thesurrounding world.

Photos Mattia Balsamini
Text Giovanni Galofaro





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