Signoretto Lampadari 

Glass collection - The Venice Glass week 2023

“It was eventually the stroke,
that changed everything.
Have you been there? At the final point?
What are you looking for? Should I ever stop
looking for something?
When the trait run, I follow him and then
I forget everything while I find myself…
it is an inexplicable dynamism.
It’s all about be silent,
not in an ordinary silence tho.
You have to be very quiet to be able
to hear the voice of the line.
She’s acting, she is growing right
when your eyes are middly open,
just enough to recognize the miracle.
Becoming one with the act of creating
is my only way to stop the uproar of

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Matete’s Letter

A person is sitting on a cinema chair, waiting for the audition. A girl is sitting on the first row of chairs in a cinema, reading a book A man, waiting for the movie to start, is running for the last seat in the front row of the cinema. Beaten Egg - The Chair. The room is empt no one is going to listen to you. That object, the chair, I mean, is often anchored to the ground and, therefore, fused with the rest of th room. You have to stay. The action of being seated is always combine with the “attesa”, the act of waiting for something to happen: waiting for something, someone, waiting for some food, reading, or writing It is a necessary part of the space, particularly in a cinema room. And yo realize its importance as soon as the film screening begins, because as i begins, you have to stay! The rectangular outline of the screen, the cinema’s screen, seems to be like an elastic band forbidding any escape. It keeps you focused; you can’t leave. There is no escape from our minds, from our thoughts, from this chair. So the chair, combined with the screen, forms a human machine that activates but also anchors us, leaving us no choice, not even for a moment.

︎ Photos by Matete studio

Beaten Egg is essentially, a box full of toys. The heavy box, meanwhile, is a concept, a utopian architecture trapping us (the glass sphere, so human) inside a structure, as a symbol of our own limits, and a box full of toys. That magical container keeps you active: moving it, cleaning it, understanding it. We all used to gather stuff together, initiating a playful moment of activity separate in time, much like the one during the screening. Both moments detach you from reality, separating the perceptual level from the surroundings with a strong surreal intent to perdition. “What happened now?” In a theatrical scene of claims and solutions, life appear as a game, the cinema as a box, and us as a presence, a sphere, relentlessly failing to find peace, empty of others, full of ourselves. Forced to stay with ourselves. Mirroring ourselves.